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Amy DVD: Sister`s Revenge Approx. Run Time 35 min.. Product #: SK-49B Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Sister`s Revenge

Charlie "Golden" Cat Vs. Amy & Jennifer
Female Wrestling Catfights: 3-Way
SK-49B Approx. Run Time 35 min
You all know how relatives are. Cat tried to revenge Amy`s beating in an outstanding wrestling catfight in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Having been raised in the same house as the beautiful little blonde, you would have thought that Amy would have appreciated her relative`s protective instincts. Apparently not.

Cat, in a lacy black teddy, is doing pushups on her apartment floor when in walks little sis Amy and her willowy blonde friend, Jennifer. Instead of thanking the awesome Cat for her support, Amy is vehement in her determination to settle her own affairs, and is violently angry at Cat for "butting in."

The little blonde dynamo is wearing a skimpy red string bikini that displays all of her outstanding curves, and her tall blonde friend, Jennifer, has on a tiny gold bikini. Both blondes suddenly attack the bewildered Cat, and a brutal two-against-one female catfight battle ensues. As Cat gets one of the smaller blondes in a painful hold, the other blonde dives into the fray to rescue the intended victim. We all know that Cat has worked in the AWA as a professional wrestler and is outstandingly powerful. But can she take on two girls at the same time?

The battle rages on the floor, on the couch, and to the walls of the apartment as Cat fights for her life. Amy and Jennifer both would have been instantly destroyed by Cat had they attacked her alone. But these two hellcats attack with head scissors, pounding fists, and full nelsons, as well as throwing their combined weight on the fallen Cat. Cat flips one off easily, but she still has the other to contend with. This sequel to “To Kill A Mockingbird” (sk-49A) has amazing action all the way through. Does Cat finally make her point or does the ungrateful Amy teach her "big sis" a lesson in this unforgettable wrestling catfight?


Wrestlers : Amy, Charlie Golden Cat
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DVD: Sister`s Revenge
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DVD Product: $24.95