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Tami DVD: Sister Slam Approx. Run Time 35 min.. Product #: SK-64 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Sister Slam

Tami vs Tiffany
Amateur Female Wrestling
SK-64 Approx. Run Time 35 min
Here is an amateur female wrestling battle that is an all out fight from start to finish. Two sisters go at it in the ring and you can quickly see that these two have fought many times before, over clothes or a boyfriend--or just because their striking beauty has made each other envious.

Tami is a champagne blonde who wears a skimpy white French-cut suit into the ring to battle her sister, Tiffany, outfitted in a similar outfit in black. As the bell rings, the match begins in a savage and riotous tone as bodies are hurled across the ring, heads and stomachs are stomped and kicked, and blonde hair is pulled from the roots. No quarter is given as these two siblings batter each other in the fiercest fight that we’ve witnessed at Steel Kittens in many years.

Skimpy suits are almost ripped away in the heat of the battle as first one blonde sister, and then the other gains the upper hand. During this match one of the sisters is dragged around the ring by her hair and then kicked time and time again by her enraged sib. Both of these girls are gorgeous creatures and it is hard to believe that two beautiful women could be as violent as both of them actually are.

The fight goes on non-stop and it appears that each battler is trying to maim the other permanently. Finally one sister pummels the other in such a vicious manner that the eventual loser crawls helplessly across the ring trying to escape the onslaught. She finally collapses on the canvas. In a short time, however, she attacks the winner and another battle erupts. This happens two more times until one blonde is left laying semi-conscious on the mat, a beaten, helpless, and exhausted loser. One of the fiercest amateur female wrestling fights in the annals of the Steel Kittens. A must see video!!


Wrestlers : Tami
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DVD: Sister Slam
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