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Demi DVD: Sin City Sessions | Mixed Wrestling 345 Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: sk-345 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Sin City Sessions | Mixed Wrestling 345

Gavin vs. Demi
Mixed Wrestling Domination
sk-345 Approx. Run Time 45 min
The unpredictable damsel of discipline, Demi, loves to show off her well muscled physique, and rightly so. She works hard at it and demands that everyone else should too. We know for sure, she defiantly won’t tolerate any slouches and there is no mercy from this mixed wrestling domination vixen. She meets Gavin for her session, and looks him over, sizing things up. She uses her feminine wiles and asks if he likes her body as she shows if off for him. She coyly starts the session and they engage. But watch out! She quickly asserts her will, and with the use of her powerful and fit physique, has Gavin pinned down on the mat in a crotch tight head scissors. She is smart and cunning, but very unpredictable as her personality goes from nice to super mean at any moment. No one knows what sets this lethal tigress off.

Gavin is bigger than her and she knows she is going to have to use special tactics to over power him. She is quick and soon the discipline of Demi rears its head. She demands that he be more flexible. Gavin just isn’t, and this really enrages Demi. This unpredictable woman is notorious for confusing and instilling fear in guys and Gavin is falling victim to her will, and is baffled by her seemingly split personality. Enraged, she man-handles him and verbally humiliates him. Her relentless assaults and her incredible endurance have Gavin gasping for air. Again she asks him to worship her muscles, and again it’s not good enough for her. She lays into him again, but then gives him another opportunity to get it right, but there is no pleasing this woman. Gavin is under her control as she commands him to do her bidding. But it is still never good enough. Frustrated he jumps on Demi, but Demi just carries him around on her back, she drops him down only to savagely kick the prone male. Then she apologizes, he thinks his is free from her assaults, but she comes back and attacks him even harder!

Her legs are lethal, beautiful and incredibly strong and she uses them with precision to further her assaults upon Gavin, who is winded and moaning in pain. In true Demi style, she then wants to be friends with Gavin, only to entrap him again in a lift and carry. She lifts him like a good little boy, then drops him, calling him a bad little boy, and kicks him again. Wow, this girl is nuts, and poor Gavin doesn’t know what to do, nor can he do anything as she just mercilessly lays into him with assaults after deadly assaults. She lifts him again, and carry’s him around again. Will this crazy woman ever have enough?

Another brutal head scissor and then she digs in with her forearms to make damm sure he is totally choked out. When she sees that her victim can no longer continue, as he is passed out on the floor, she taunts his lack of ability’s and admires her beautiful muscles while posing over his lifeless body.

This exciting mixed wrestling domination session will defiantly have you wondering what is going to happen next, because with Demi, you just never know!


Wrestlers : Demi
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DVD: Sin City Sessions | Mixed Wrestling 345
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