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Alysha DVD: Shadow Boxing Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: CVP-02 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Shadow Boxing

Pam Manning Vs. Alysha
Women`s Boxing
CVP-02 Approx. Run Time 30 min
This video provides a unique angle on women’s boxing. Shadow boxing usually means practicing boxing with a light behind you and boxing your own shadow. To Champion Video, it means having two girls try to destroy each other in an apartment with a bright light outlining their every move. Believe us, they`re not fighting shadows, for the cruel blows meant for each opponent land with violent force on the tender faces and bodies of two gorgeous gals. Pam Manning, our blonde boxing whiz, comes to the apartment in a black cat suit with pink panties to battle Alysha, the brown haired giant, who wears an identical cat suit with blue tights.

This seven round match is a result of an argument over a man--and you know how women can battle over their men! Pam is a more experienced brawler, and has all the technical tools needed to combat the size and strength of Alysha, who is much the larger girl. Alysha starts out with a snapping right to the head, which puts Pam down flat on her back, gasping "Aagghh!" as she hits the deck. After rising, Pam then pummels Alysha with ten straight head shots, and Alysha crumbles as she slides down the wall to the floor. In the next round Pam smashes Alysha in the mouth, and the brown haired beauty holds her swollen lip trying to wash away the pain.

Pam is intent on teaching the rookie boxer a lesson, and even screams "Get up, get up!" at Alysha as she knocks her to the carpet with short powerful jabs. This women’s wrestling match is all going Pam`s way until the fifth round when Alysha puts Pam down three times, once for a count of nine. Shaking the cobwebs from her brain, Pam then makes round six a period of brutality for the taller girl, pounding her body after knockdowns so that Alysha can`t rise.

In the end, one girl loses the heated battle, and is knocked nearly unconscious as she learns a lesson that she will never forget. Shadow boxing this is, as the loser becomes just a shadow of her former self. (Digitized from vintage footage.)


Wrestlers : Alysha, Pam Manning
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DVD: Shadow Boxing
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