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Santana Mixed Wrestling | Savage She-Cats | DVD | 153 Approx. Run Time 55 min.. Product #: sk-153 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Mixed Wrestling | Savage She-Cats | DVD | 153

Santana vs. Darnelle * Tasha vs. Mike
2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless
sk-153 Approx. Run Time 55 min
The Steel Kittens ring becomes a torture chamber as two of our best girls match holds with the opposite sex in fierce mixed wrestling matches. Fiery Latina beauty Santana, topless from the start, tangles with Darnelle in a fierce display of feminine cruelty and athletic prowess. The larger black male is tossed to the mat, where Santana’s powerful legs squeeze the air out of the shocked and surprised man. The destruction of this larger foe brings gleeful laughs from this evil woman as she kicks and punches him into a defenseless state. Airplane spinning him to the mat, she jumps on his inert frame and mashes her gorgeous breasts into his smothered face. Toying with him, she turns him over on his back, stomps his head again and again, and stands victorious on the small of his back. She is becoming a real threat to be the next champion of Steel Kittens!

Our second coed wrestling match pits svelte blonde Tasha, in a skimpy bikini, against young Mike. Attacking the male all over the ring ropes and mat, Tasha continuously frustrates him until he suddenly rips off her top, exposing a beautiful set of brests. Mike does battle back, but each time he does he is met with awesome stomps to his tender groin. At one point Mike tries to bite Tasha’s breast, which only turns the blonde into a furious Amazon. Punching and kicking him, she hurls him from the ring--and when he returns as Tasha is trying to re-tie her bra top, she explodes in anger. The blonde catches Mike in a head scissors that drives the air from his lungs and he passes out to end this brutal display by another savage female.


Wrestlers : Santana, Tasha "Sky"
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Mixed Wrestling | Savage She-Cats | DVD | 153
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