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Belle DVD: Ruthless Rodeo Approx. Run Time 40 min.. Product #: SK-135 Regular price: $39.95 $39.95

DVD: Ruthless Rodeo

Christy E. vs. Belle
Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination
SK-135 Approx. Run Time 40 min
Steel Kitten’s ring is the scene of a magnificent pro-am female wrestling battle between the spectacular Belle and the powerful Christy E.. Belle strips off her top, hose, and garter belt, revealing a svelte body as she poses in the corner of the ring waiting for Christy. The one condition of this match is that the loser gets tied up!!! Belle shows her speed and wrestling skill as she converts a side headlock into a series of snapping flying mares that leave Christy in desperate despair. Kicks to the body and armpits and a standing arm stretch finish off Christy E. for the 1st fall. The second fall is equally as quick and Christy is again helpless on the mat, lying face down with Belle’s foot planted on her head.

As Belle triumphantly prances around the ring, Christy E. rises and smashes the smaller blonde’s back with a powerful blow. Christy must tie her up, but decides to further devastate Belle before she ropes her in. Belle becomes a rag doll at the mercy of Christy’s anger and frustration. Christy drags Belle around the ring by her hair, pulling her limp body to ring center where a cradle hold and body scissors prepare her victim for a violent choking under the bottom ring rope. Belle is again dragged to center ring where Christy savagely face sits the blonde--first with a front and then a rear face sit. A sleeper hold quickly means lights out for Belle and she is now Christy’s property. Belle is finally tied up like a rodeo calf and then tied to the lower rope. In a dirty pro-am female wrestling battle, it doesn’t always pay to win!


Wrestlers : Belle, Christy E.
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DVD: Ruthless Rodeo
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