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Carrera DVD: Rock Hard Round-up Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: sk-231 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Rock Hard Round-up

Lindsey vs. Peter * Carrera vs. Travis
2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: 1Topless
sk-231 Approx. Run Time 60 min
Peter has been in plenty of mixed wrestling matches before, but none of the women were as mean and rough as the sensational Lindsey. With skimpy jean shorts and a tie halter-top, Lindsey rushes Peter at the bell, raining him with belly punches and full body-to-body pins. This gorgeous girl’s large breasts are soon free from her skimpy halter-top. As the onslaught rages on, Peter is victim to only the kind of pain an aggressive woman can dish out. Lindsey has an arsenal of surprises that effectively keep Peter from retaliating. She smothers him with her breasts and a long face sit until this fight comes to a close with one humiliated opponent tied up and done for the day. Wow!

Next, svelte Carrera, in a yellow head mask, puts her buffed body on the line against Travis in a coed wrestling melee. Carrera’s experience is evident, as Travis is soon pummeled. Clotheslines, double axe handles, stomach claws, elbow smashes, hard stomping, and swift kicks have Travis wilting from the pain. Carrera continues her brutal attack on him. She butts his head on a turnbuckle and uses a slingshot to send him to a far corner. He falls to the mat, and Carrera stomps and kicks him and places him in a tortuous Boston Crab. She starts to put a sleeper hold on him, but changes her mind (a woman’s prerogative) as she uses an atomic drop to set him up for the kill. She picks him up in a fireman’s carry and drops him to the mat, where she kicks his thighs and stomps him. Travis has lost his will to fight as Carrera rubs his face on the middle rope. Carrera then ties his hands and when he falls to the mat and poses in a sign of victory. Great, intense mixed wrestling action!


Wrestlers : Carrera, Lindsey
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DVD: Rock Hard Round-up
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