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Quisha DVD: Ring Thunder - Mixed Wrestling 360 Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: sk-360 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Ring Thunder - Mixed Wrestling 360

Quisha vs. Ray
Topless Mixed Wrestling
sk-360 Approx. Run Time 30 min
This pro am style, mixed wrestling match is truly one of a kind! Busty and aggressive Quisha is no stranger to the ring. She is hot and ready for her mixed wrestling match! No words here just pure wrestling action as this big busty bikini woman clamps on to her male opponent with sexy exposed thighs. Soon she uses her “weapons” as they are unleashed. Escaping from her tiny bikini to do damage on her male opponent. Crotch kicks, breast smothers, monkey tosses, and stinging kicks have her boy toy scrambling! But he finds her weakness! Her large weapons! He uses them against her with violent breast grabbing! He pays her back with a vengeance! Her large succulent breasts are mauled, and twisted. He holds her down and bites her prone orbs till she is screaming! He is getting on his satisfaction, but she is enraged and wants the upper hand. She punishes him with her large beautiful breasts, smashing them in his face and smothering him. He is stunned. She has her way with him, with submissions, stretches and slamming him only to get him down to smother him again. He will only take so much and he’s after her love guns again! He pounds, slaps and punches her succulent breasts. He holds her down and exposes these feminine weapons, and grabs and twists them again and again. He holds her in the turnbuckle and grabs them hard and tosses her across the ring! He assaults her beautiful large breasts with passion! A brutal and devastating elbow drop to her now bruised and tender breasts, have Quisha is flat on the floor.

He thinks its final blow but whoa to this man! A surprise kick to the crotch and the weapons are on the payback! Quisha knows a man`s soft spot and drives her kick straight into his prone business, laying him flat in wrenching pain. This angered woman is now nothing to contend with, as she will do anything to save her position. She is smart and knows her weaponry. Her guns might be sore but they are in no way out of ammo! She has her man down and known’s it. He isn’t getting up. Her bounty of breasts has him going no where. Her breast slaps and mauling have him stunned. Her verbal humiliation has him more petrified, as he is totally breathless and helpless against her weapons! Her breasts pressing, slapping and smashing on his face. She wants more attention by cramming her prone nipples in his mouth. This man has been totally breast slapped, and he is done! We salute Quisha for taking a beating and still able to come back and destroy this man with her “Love Guns”! What a sexy mixed wrestling match from Steel Kittens.


Wrestlers : Quisha
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DVD: Ring Thunder - Mixed Wrestling 360
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