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Nikkii DVD: Party Girls Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: SK-215 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Party Girls

Tanya vs. Nikkii
Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude
SK-215 Approx. Run Time 30 min
Another magnificent female wrestling catfight from Steel Kittens! Tanya and Nikki return home from a party arguing who was the hit of the night. Nikki is insulted, hurls Tanya to the floor, and throws a glass that just misses Tanya’s head. This catfight heats up quickly as they both start ripping each other’s clothes. Nikki has Tanya’s dress around her waist, exposing one of the finest set of breasts in all of California, leaving her exposed in only her brief panties. Nikki reaches for Tanya’s breasts, but her hands can’t even cover those huge orbs. The two are now body to body, and sex oozes through the room. Nikki tries several scissors holds, yanks Tanya’s hair, and then chokes a gurgling blonde. It’s tit for tat as Tanya returns the choke using a cloth belt, but Tanya now has attacked her sex, and Nikki cries out in pain as Tanya grounds her fist between Nikki’s legs.

Both are now nude, and Tanya stuffs Nikki’s bikini bottom into her mouth to stop her incessant screaming. Then she savagely sits on her face as the brunette squirms and gasps for air. When Tanya tires of her fun, she chokes Nikki on the carpet and then picks up a whiskey bottle and breaks it over the smaller girl’s head. The floor is full of glass and Nikki is done for this day as a triumphant Tanya shows the camera her entire magnificent body, very happy to have dominated her opponent. Tanya has never been so violent in a female wrestling catfight--or so beautiful!


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DVD: Party Girls
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