Female Wrestling - Amateur

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Alexis DVD: Ole’ Alexis Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: sk-198 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Ole’ Alexis

Alexis vs. Infinity * Tanya Danielle vs. Alexis
2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches
sk-198 Approx. Run Time 45 min
Alexis meets newcomer Infinity in an amateur female wrestling match. Infinity happened to arrive at SK’s arena, watched some action, and decided that she could take on any girl on the lot. We found that Infinity was a “natural” brawler and afraid of nothing. We’ve got two real amateur Amazons, as you’ll see in this match. Alexis gets stripped of her top and her huge bust looks inviting in this melee. Infinity entices powerful Alexis into a non-stop fight, and Infinity’s quickness and determination are matched with Alexis’s size and power. The bout is loaded with some great moves such as a camel clutch, surfboard, and an unusual back breaker. The battle ends when one sexy babe is finished for the day.

Next Alexis and Tanya match up for a fight. Both get stripped of their tops and show their gorgeous breasts in this intense amateur female wrestling bout. Alexis has the size advantage and soon it is evident that she is fast, athletic, and an aggressive fighter with continuous attacks to spring on a surprised Tanya. Alexis smashes Tanya’s golden head into a turnbuckle and then traps the suffering girl in a bear hug. Tanya retaliates with a bevy of fierce stomps and kicks! Your eyes will be glued to the screen watching both bodacious babes in some great body-to-body action, bringing out painful howls with pulverizing punches, as their intentions seem to be bent on maiming one another. Two very sexy and competitive amateur female wrestling bouts.


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DVD: Ole’ Alexis
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