Female Wrestling - Amateur

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Goldie DVD: No Defense Approx. Run Time 55 min.. Product #: sk-223 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: No Defense

Tanya Danielle vs. Infinity * Kat DeVille vs. Goldie
2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches: Domination
sk-223 Approx. Run Time 55 min
Our first amateur female wrestling ring match starts with the beautiful Tanya stretching her magnificent body to challenge the sexy and inexperienced Infinity. Tanya quickly has Infinity shrieking after some mean tosses, full nelsons, and savage stomach scissors. Infinity escapes, throws Tanya to the mat, and axe handles her tender belly. The buxom blonde escapes, drags Infinity over the middle ropes, and chokes her. As Infinity realizes that Tanya is bent on destruction, she is galvanized to action and tears off her opponent’s top. The desperate and topless Tanya punches and kicks Infinity, but Infinity takes advantage of her distraction and chokes Tanya. This close battle moves to the mat where they grapple tightly until one warrior forces submission with a reverse leg-lock. The winner’s victory pose is struck over the other girl’s prostrate body.

Next, sexy and cunning Kat DeVille meets the gorgeous blonde Goldie. Kat is bent on brutally abusing Goldie’s face, body, and breasts. She knows all the holds and dirty tricks. This svelte mystery fighter deals out an awesome one sided beating! DeVille drops the defenseless Goldie to the mat where she applies a fierce leg stretch and slams her knee on unprotected territory, then ravages Goldie in the corners. De Ville delivers punishing stomach punches and once again grabs and mauls the blonde’s large breasts. Then comes a bear hug, further choking, and more breast mangling until she finally disposes of Goldie with a grapevine pin and a savage sleeper hold. It looks like Kat DeVille is out to destroy every other female who would enter the amateur female wrestling ring.


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DVD: No Defense
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