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Belle DVD: Man Eaters Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: SK-159 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Man Eaters

Belle vs. Darnelle * Sandy vs. Scott
2 Mixed Wrestling Matches
SK-159 Approx. Run Time 60 min
Two beautiful blondes challenge two males in these sensational mixed wrestling matches. The first finds Belle, our crafty sensational champion, in the ring facing Darnelle. Belle’s perfect body is poured in a yellow swimsuit as she attacks Darnelle. Her skill confuses the male as she applies armbars and punishes him in the ropes with savage kicks and leg stomps, then cruelly smashes his head in the ring corner. Darnelle kicks out and throws Belle around the ring. Crunching body slams follow a step over toehold, monkey flips, backbreakers, and an airplane spin as he drapes the tortured Belle over the top turnbuckle and ravishes her body. Belle howls in pain as the beating continues. Smashing her silken head into the turnbuckle and flipping her to the mat, he jumps from the corner to finish her off. One fighter takes control, tortures the victim’s arm on the ropes, chops the throat and mounts the shoulders to flip the loser to the mat, where a figure 4 headlock ends the misery.

Now it’s busty blonde Sandy facing Scott in an apartment for a hot coed wrestling match. Plenty of stomping, bear hugs, and hair pulling in this one! Sandy is experienced and gives Scott all he can handle. He straddles the blonde, punches her belly, and then tries to twist her nipples. The sexy match roars on and Sandy’s anger turns her into a wrestling dynamo. Her attacks are met with Scott’s assaults on her breasts and groin. Finally one wrestler is caught in a back-breaker, and a broken body is finished off by an arm stretch scissors combination. Two fantastic mixed wrestling matches!


Wrestlers : Belle, Sandy
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DVD: Man Eaters
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DVD Product: $24.95