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Goldie DVD: Make it a Double Approx. Run Time 56 min.. Product #: sk-280 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Make it a Double

Kat DeVille vs. Kelly and Goldie
Topless Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling
sk-280 Approx. Run Time 56 min
This match has some of the best two on one Pro-amateur female wrestling action ever! Goldie, a buxom beauty and Kelly a sexy fiery red head, dressed in skimpy leopard print bikinis, are talking smack in the ring about how much better they are than Kat DeVille.

DeVille enters the ring in a stunning red one-piece thong back, with a red cape. Goldie immediately lets DeVille know what she thinks of her as Kelly jumps in the ring, and they try to corner DeVille. As Kelly grabs DeVille from behind and Goldie slaps her hard in the face, DeVille turns it around and kicks Goldie in the stomach and stomps Kelly’s foot. She then goes to work on Goldie, slapping her hard and letting her know who’s the boss. Kelly rushes in to help her friend but gets tossed aside. Try as they might, they could not get the upper hand. They are subjected to, slaps, chops, hair pulling, kicks, backbreakers, boston crabs and the loss of their tops in the melee. As DeVille wears them down and they are begging for mercy, DeVille just adds pressure on with double moves that are outstanding. Headlocks, hair-mares, smashes, clothesline, monkey tosses, chokes and even a double Boston crab!

DeVille really drives home the punishment by tying Goldie to the ropes and mauls her huge breasts. She then tosses Kelly upside-down in the turnbuckle and ravages her prone stomach. Goldie is then being led around the ring like a dog and is choked out cold. Kelly in the meantime tries to crawl out of the ring, she’s dragged back in, slammed hard and also choked out. You have to see the end to believe it! Wow, what a match!


Wrestlers : Goldie, Kat DeVille, Kelley
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DVD: Make it a Double
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