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Christy T. DVD: Lucky Lube Approx. Run Time 55 min.. Product #: sk-255 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Lucky Lube

Kelly vs. Jack * Krista vs. Jeremy * Lexy Green vs. Chris
Amateur Topless Mixed Oil Wrestling
sk-255 Approx. Run Time 55 min
This sexy amateur topless mixed oil wrestling has the virgins back with more attitude than ever! Going three, 4 minute rounds in slippery sexy hot oil. First our busty fiery red head Kelly, puts Jack in some painful holds in the slick stuff. She even delivers some stomps to the groin to add to his agony. She intertwines her whole body to tie him up and totally enjoys smothering him with her large breasts. She also enjoys teasing him with face sitting which in the end, she decides to finish him off with.

Then the long dark haired beauty Krista is ready to show off her new confidence. Jeremy tries to hold her down, but she has learned to slip from his grasps. The sexpot delivers some painful surfboards and leg bars and enjoys using her power to hurt Jeremy any way she can. Finally ending his day in a smothering finish.

The third match we have the young and very cute Lexy Green back to take on Chris. Lexy manages to get Chris in a few painful arm bars, but Chris slips out and wears down the already tired Lexy. The hot slippery oil has taken it’s toll on this young virgin and she has fought to exhaustion and ultimately succumbs to a sleeper hold, and is left lifeless out cold on the mat. Great sexy topless mixed oil wrestling from Steel Kittens!


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DVD: Lucky Lube
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