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Afrika DVD: Locked Down Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: sk-316 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Locked Down

Afrika vs. Matt * Raquel D. vs. Owen
Two Mixed Wrestling Matches
sk-316 Approx. Run Time 45 min
A pensive male opponent Matt has decided to take on the power and grace of Afrika in the first mixed wrestling match. The queen of the ring is well known for dominating and squashing her male opponents. You won’t be disappointed today. The match opens up with Afrika maneuvering a quick head lock to a takedown and only lets him up only to squeeze his head between her powerful thighs. She picks him up like a rag doll, slams him to the mat over powering him and then trapping him in the ropes. He is pummeled and tossed all over the ring, while being squashed with tight body presses, head and body scissors, chops and belly punches. She dishes out back breaking Boston crabs, over the knee back breakers, standing back breakers, stomach claws and more. It’s all Matt can do to endure the pain that only Afrika can dish out. Try as he might, he is no match for the power and beauty of Afrika and soon his day is done with some painful kicks to the groin, a heavy and hard body splash, followed by a quick and easy sleeper hold and his pain is over. Afrika poses her powerful body in victory.

Raquel D. a stunning Nubian queen shows off her incredible body in the Steel Kittens ring. You’ll be amazed at her hard body and grappling skills. She quickly moves in and over powers her male opponent in this mixed wrestling match. She is strong and nimble, fast and powerful as she has Owen struggling for freedom from her tight and inescapable holds. You’ll hear the rain coming down as this match starts, but Raquel D.’s total focus is to control and subdue her opponent, Holding him down and humiliating him. Front and rear head scissors, body presses and clamps. This powerhouse of a woman easily picks up Owen in standing back breakers, fireman carries’, over the shoulder carries, and airplane spins, easily slamming him to the floor. Her favorite hold is a crucifix, which she loves to do to hold down her prey. You’ll be begging for more as you watch this ring queen swiftly dominate and over power her male opponent. His day ends with a super tight rear naked choke that’s locked on till he is out cold! The Nubian queen poses her amazing body in victory!


Wrestlers : Afrika, Raquel D.
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DVD: Locked Down
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