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Frankie DVD: High Life Approx. Run Time 48 min.. Product #: sk-269 Regular price: $24.95 $24.95

DVD: High Life

Frankie vs. Raquel
Women’s Professional Wrestling
sk-269 Approx. Run Time 48 min
Frankie, a drop dead gorgeous brunette, is fit and ready for battle. Raquel, in a sexy red bikini, has been out of the ring for a while and is ready to practice her pro skills. Frankie is stronger and good at painful ground tactics, while Raquel’s training is Pro-Style Wrestling. Raquel asks Frankie about her MMA training and teases her about getting her butt kicked in her last match. Frankie wants to put an end to that rumor today!

Both fighters come on strong and grapple with fury in attempts to get the upper hand. Boston Crabs, powerful head and body scissors, drop kicks, figure four leg locks are just some of the hot action exploding in this match. Frankie gets face planted hard in the mat and Raquel gets pounded in the corner with stomach kicks. Raquel barely escapes from a devastating triangle choke from Frankie only to miss delivery on a drop kick seriously hurting her knee. Frankie takes full advantage and goes to work on Raquel’s injury with crushing stomps and painful leg bars.

Tiring of Raquel’s holds and screams, Frankie goes for a rear naked choke, but her eyes get raked, then she gets punched in the ribs repeatedly, by a desperate Raquel. Raquel and Frankie lock up and exchange blow for blow! But Frankie gets the upper hand on a valiant but ailing Raquel. Frankie just destroys Raquel’s knees, then decides to use Raquel’s face and head as a punching bag and finishes her off with a sweeping leg kick to the temple, knocking Raquel out cold! She might be out, but she is not finished. Raquel gave it all she had, but will be back to take on Frankie again. What a great match!


Wrestlers : Frankie, Raquel
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DVD: High Life
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DVD Product: $24.95