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Christy T. DVD: Grappling Gals Mat Wrestling & Catfights VCat-50-07 Approx. Run Time 100 min.. Product #: VCat-50-07 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Grappling Gals Mat Wrestling & Catfights VCat-50-07

12 Matches: Apt. Cat Fights, Tournaments, Bikini Fights
Grappling Gals Mat Wrestling & Catfights Circa 1960’s
VCat-50-07 Approx. Run Time 100 min
From our Private Collection, Steel kitten brings you Grappling Gals, Mat Tournaments and Catfights. Circa 1960’s. From raging apt. house Catfights to competitive tournaments to outdoor bikini fights this tape has over 12 different fights! These are fights that you won’t see any where else. Digitized from 16mm, silent with screen overtones added. A must for any collector!

1. 2 on 1.Blonde in White 2 piece, Brunette in Black 2 piece in an amateur mat wrestling catfight, then a stunning brunette enters the fray in a leopard print two piece and the two go on the attack!
2. 4 Girl Bikini Wrestling Tournament – 9 wild amateur matches
3. 4 Outdoor Bikini Matches – till all 3 girls fight it out.
4. 3 on 3 Outdoor Bikini Wrestling
5. Lisa vs. Terri – Arm Wrestling Contest and a 3 Falls Tough Mat Grappling Contest
6. 4 Matches: Round Robin Garter Fight – Amateur Mat Wrestling, 2 piece outfits where 4 girls Fight for the fall to win the garter.
7. Strong Ebony Babe vs. a Sassy Brunette
8. Sassy Brunette vs. Short Haired brunette
9. Sassy Brunette vs. girl in White Bikini
10. Indoor Tournaments – 4 Matches
11. Deadlier Than The Man – Indoor Mat Wrestling – Sexy Blonde vs. bigger Brunette
12. Fight to the Finish – Winners from previous Indoor Tournament battle it out!


Wrestlers : Christy T., Pam Ward
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DVD: Grappling Gals Mat Wrestling & Catfights VCat-50-07
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