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Christy E. DVD: Golden Rules Approx. Run Time 56 min.. Product #: Sk-173 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Golden Rules

Anthony vs. Sabrina & 1 Masked Mixed Match
2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: 1/2 Topless
Sk-173 Approx. Run Time 56 min
Two mixed wrestling matches with exciting story lines are featured on this tape, as first a masked male meets a masked female in a slammer of a bout! Both wearing full masks, the male gazes at a large, muscled female wearing a huge robe in the opposite corner. This forbidding sight becomes a hellish reality, as the girl attacks the guy at the start, catches him in a fierce camel clutch and pummels him in a corner. She straddles his prone body and forces her huge breasts on his face. Both wrestlers are quick, and powerful and holds are traded, groans fill the ring, and the action is fast and fascinating. When the gal tries to remove the guy’s mask, he hurls her to a corner and rips her suit top to her waist--and now the match gets deadly. He stomps her while she howls, airplane spins her, and finally has her flat on her back and removes her mask. He knew her, but we never do, as the match ends brutally and without a good look at her face. Who is that Masked Lady??

In the second coed wrestling match, Anthony’s sister Sabrina enters the ring to tangle with her brother. The ref tells him he must fight, and off they roar. Sabrina’s flashing feet and headlocks torture Anthony. He gains control, pulls her up in the air, and chokes her until she is out cold. The second fall begins and the siblings fight like mortal enemies until one stomps the other in the groin and throws the other out of the ring. The ending is as demeaning and unusual as any we’ve ever seen in mixed wrestling! Sabrina is forced out of the ring, stuffed in a wheelbarral and mercelissly sprayed with a hose, them dumped on the mat. She is left in a wet crying heap...!


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DVD: Golden Rules
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