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Carissa DVD: Gold Rush Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: sk-367 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Gold Rush

Carissa vs. Vanessa
Pro-Am Women’s Wrestling – Topless – Domination
sk-367 Approx. Run Time 30 min
The blonde and ever willful lady, Vanessa, is ready to take on the sexy beauty Carissa in some wild Pro Am female wrestling! Make no mistake about her, Vanessa is a woman of experience and not one to content with. Carissa has no idea of what she is in for as Vanessa quickly and decisively makes the honey blonde in a gold bikini, beg and plead for mercy. The deliverance is clear as the beautiful young girl is power slammed to the ring floor. These busty topless babes bring it on with arm bars, keaster bumps, and chokes with exposed prone breasts. Front nude Bear hugs, standing and to the ground, with chicken wings, breast exposing camel clutches and crazy embracing surf boards.

Vanessa likes to display her arsenal of holds and applies a crotch pressing, leg stretch to Carissa, followed by impassable grapevine. She drives it in, clawing Carissa’s abbs, turnbuckle smashes, standing head scissors, wicked arm bars, tight body scissors, rope torture tangles, foot stomps, belly kicks, knees to the groin! Carissa takes a cheap shot and retaliates by raking Vanessa’s eyes! She gets the upper hand while Vanessa is blinded, and catches Vanessa in a tight body scissors, but Vanessa knows how to reverse and gets an ankle lock on Carissa and almost breaks it! Carissa gets in some quick kicks to Vanessa’s crotch which just enrages Vanessa.

Vanessa will not be denied her dominance as she completely overpowers her topless victim, and try as she might, Carissa is completely helpless to the assaults’ of her nemesis. With tit pressing struggles of the superior woman holding the fallen, the legs of Vanessa finally clasp tightly around her throat and Carissa motionless! But that is not enough for the blonde vixen. She wants to see this pretty blonde suffer! With a painful cross face head lock Carissa’s day is done.


Wrestlers : Carissa, Vanessa
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DVD: Gold Rush
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