Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Brandi Wine DVD: Give No Quarter Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: SK-180 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Give No Quarter

Brandi Wine vs. Cheryl Rusa Sue Sexton vs. Molly McShane “The Irish Star”
Two Professional Women`s Wrestling Matches
SK-180 Approx. Run Time 60 min
We imported four Eastern Pros to California to do battle with some California Pros in professional women`s wrestling: and battle each other, they did! First, blonde Brandi Wine tussles with little Cheryl Rusa (little Mo). Brandi gets frustrated with Cheryl’s speed, and the blonde gets dirty. She seem to have the advantage, kneeing, stomach punching, and clawing Cheryl’s frame--but Cheryl comes back when the referee counts Brandi out after a vicious leg and body press. The bruised blonde and Cheryl trade holds and groans until Brandi snaps Cheryl into submission with a standing body stretch. These two get violent for the last fall as they trade evil kicks and smashing forearms, until one pro grabs a metal slat from ringside and pounds her opponent senseless as the loser lies flat on her back, spread eagled and out for the count.

The second bout pits former Champ Sue Sexton, looking as fit as she did ten years ago, against Irish beauty Molly McShane. Sue has acquired a little mean streak, and as the match begins she savagely kicks Molly’s armpits while holding her arms straight out. This match shows two experienced pros trading holds and counter-holds as fast as lightning. No time for the spectators to rest when Sue almost breaks Molly’ s back in a back-breaker submission. Leg locks, slingshots, and arm stretches fill the ring as yelps of pain equal the velocity of the holds when Molly surprises Sue with a rolling pin. Now even, the match becomes brutal as Sue rakes Molly’s eyes, turn her upside down in a corner ring ,and pounds her unprotected belly. The ref raises one girl’s arm in victory in a very surprising finish in two of the best professional women`s wrestling matches yet filmed in Steel Kittens ring. Approx 60 min.


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DVD: Give No Quarter
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