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Christine "Tenea" DVD: Dream Sequence Approx. Run Time 40 min.. Product #: SK-252 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Dream Sequence

Jewel vs. Christine & Ref.
Domination Hair Fantasy, Topless
SK-252 Approx. Run Time 40 min
A Bodacious Jewel, wearing a highly stressed, teeny yellow bikini, with beautiful long dark flowing hair down to her ass. Jewel is quite proud of this and brushes it gently. Jewel’s beloved ref is quite enthralled with Jewel’s voluptuous body and long locks. She kindly lets him take over the brushing when the wicked Mistress Christine enters the picture, looking hot in her black PVC blouse and skirt. Christine really hates Jewel and her long beautiful hair, and is bent on destroying her. The dream sequence hits its full twist as Christine squirts Jewel’s beloved ref. in the eyes blinding him, then she takes off after Jewel with her tranquilizer gun.

With Jewel out cold, Christine rapidly pops Jewel`s perfect large breast free and tortures them. Nipples are pulled and twisted then punched, and slapped repeatedly. Long flowing hair is pulled till Christine gets an idea for the ref. When he starts to regain his eyesight, she`ll spritz him again, rendering him blind and hold Jewel in her place to take his abuse intended for her, while she taunts him about the pain. In his best gallant form, Jewel’s beloved ref proceeds to punch Jewel in the boobs, crotch and tummy, thinking he is administering pain to Christine. But its his beloved Jewel! What an onslaught of domination and punishment. But the bodacious beauty, with the long dark hair regains her consciousness and puts her menacing adversary away. Ridding her of the all to determined Christine. Still longing for her beloved ref and softly brushing her beautiful hair.


Wrestlers : Christine "Tenea", Jewel
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DVD: Dream Sequence
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DVD Product: $24.95