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Sweet Destiny Mixed Wrestling | Double Dose | DVD Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: sk-319 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Mixed Wrestling | Double Dose | DVD

Vanessa vs. Kid Fabulous * Little Jeanie "Sweet Destiny" vs. Kid Fabulous
Mixed Wrestling
sk-319 Approx. Run Time 45 min
Busty blonde Vanessa is out to teach an unsuspecting young male some wrestling tricks of the trade. She warms him up with arm holds and stretches and he is already howling in pain. She has barley begun! He has no idea what pain he is in for. She just punishes the young man with stomps, surfboards, back breakers, bulldogs, boston and scorpion crabs and head and body scissors with her powerful and beautiful legs. She easily lifts and carry’s him in an airplane spin, and then slams him hard to the mat. She delivers a figure four leg lock, but she won’t let him give, not just yet. Knee breakers, rib busters, bear hug’s and clothes lines till she feels she has had enough of her boy toy. She powerfully and seductively puts him in a sleeper hold and he slowly fades away into oblivion.

Next, this big girl is all woman and takes full control. Jeanie pulls no punches in this mixed wrestling match, yet Kid Fabulous thinks he can put this Jeanie back in her bottle. Seems he’s learned a thing or two, and tries to rally hard with the big girl. But Jeanie stops him in his tracks with her powerful legs, squeezing him into submission. She punishes him with head punches, powerful arm bars and full body presses. As she makes him “eat the mat”, he is howling in pain. With every move she finds another way to control him, punish him, and hurt him! This big girl really knows her stuff and gives the Kid a beating he will never forget. She leg drops him then damages his knee and back. She prolongs his agony and he is soon captured in a triangle. With very little left, he gets in a downward punch to Jeanie’s face, but that was a big mistake! He soon finds himself getting driven hard to the mat by a great big suplex, followed by a big heavy leg drop to the throat and caught in a rear naked choke. He begs to be set free, but this determined woman will only allow it when she says it’s time to give…! Great mixed submission wrestling by a skilled and talented woman!


Wrestlers : Sweet Destiny, Vanessa
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Mixed Wrestling | Double Dose | DVD
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