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Christy E. DVD: Devious Divas Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: sk-172 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Devious Divas

Christy E. vs. Taavi & Sabrina "Hurricane Havana" vs. Paul
two Mixed Wrestling Matches: 1 Topless
sk-172 Approx. Run Time 60 min
Two devious females do battle with the opposite sex in mixed wrestling. The first is the powerful Christy E. tangles with equally sized Taavi in a savage, destructive riot of a match. Christy starts with a standing head scissors, monkey flips Taavi, throws him in the corner and tries to tear out his blonde locks. She holds him in a camel clutch, spits water in his face and watches him howl as he is slapped and chopped. Taavi tries to retaliate by stomping a fallen Christy. Pulling her hair and clamping a head scissors on Christy E. Taavi once again feels the water spit while in a murderous bearhug and breaks the hold by grabbing Christy’s top and exposing her big boobs. She then tit smothers the screaming man and pile-drives him to the mat. They tussle until one fighter almost loses their bottom clothes as the winner shouts, “Kiss my Ass”! and leaves a loser utterly defeated in center ring.

Blonde Diva, Sabrina "Hurricane Havana" then enters the ring in match two and blasts Paul with a water gun that begins another mixed wrestling riot. Havana stomps and kicks Paul, bites him as only a woman would, and then rains body punches on the shaken male in corner ring. After clotheslining Paul, she knees him in the groin, which infuriates him as he tries to turn the tide. The blonde woman now becomes a victim as Paul throws her in a corner, punches her stomach time and again and throws her to the mat by her hair. One enraged fighter body slams their opponent, jumps out of the ring and grabs a garden hose to soak the opposite sex. They shriek as they grapple on the mat until a gleeful victor ties a weakened loser in knots with the hose. Two devious divas have entered the ring to battle the opposite sex and prove their superiority. The action is fast, the pain is evident and the outcome shows only devastated losers.


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DVD: Devious Divas
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