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Ariel Cranked Up Kittens Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-305 Regular price: $29.95 $29.95

DVD: Cranked Up Kittens

Mutiny vs. Brooke * Darling vs. Ariel
Sexy Women’s Wrestling – 1 Pro Style Domination – 1 Pro Am Competitive
sk-305 Approx. Run Time 50 min
This Pro-am women’s Wrestling match features the statuesque Brooke, who has no idea what she is in for. The buxom beauty Mutiny is out to end Brookes’ wrestling career at the beginning. Brooke, adorned in a sexy blue thong back one piece, immediately gets in Mutiny’s devastating head lock followed by a breath taking bear hug. Mutiny has mastered her library of great holds and works Brooke over from head to toe, pillar to posts! Painful back breakers, pounding stomps, agonizing leg locks, figure fours, punches, kicks, crotch busters, back breakers, body slams, neck breakers, arm bars, butt busters, and more! Exciting from beginning to end! Brooke can barely catch her breath as the buxom brunette takes control. Brooke is beaten and battered. But Mutiny is relentless in her attack. More painful body slams, and a drop kick from the top turn buckle to Brookes’ prone body, then Mutiny finishes the job with a pile driver leaving poor Brooke out on the ring floor. Mutiny is glad to have this statuesque wrestling girl out of her way for good!

Next our two women wrestlers are the Busty and ever sexy Darling, and her opponent is the Hard and Hot Body Ariel. There is no love between these two as they take it to the mat in full force. Both are extremely competitive and start with a test of strengths. Darling gets the better of it and the real pain begins. As the battle rages on both girls have lose their tops in the heat of battle. Intense from beginning to end, you’ll see great figure four head locks, arm bars, triangles, kidney punches, camel clutches, back breakers, airplane spins, chokes, belly punches, kicks, boston crabs just to name a few.

Both girls seem to be evenly matched as they exchange tight and painful holds in this fast moving match as each one competes desperately to be the superior woman. The finish is decided by a deadly rear naked choke. She tries to tap out but the victor will have no part of it. The loser out cold, while the topless superior woman poses in victory!


Wrestlers : Ariel, Brooke, Darling, Mutiny
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DVD: Cranked Up Kittens
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