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Goldie DVD: Cold Sweat Approx. Run Time 39 min.. Product #: sk-222 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Cold Sweat

Tanya Danielle vs Goldie
Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude
sk-222 Approx. Run Time 39 min
Two of the most generously endowed beauties in California rock this vicious female wrestling catfight tape with some super sexy and sadistic action. Tanya is lounging in her living room, when her roommate Goldie arrives eating Tanya’s pizza dinner, which she took out of the microwave. Tanya, enraged, pushes Goldie’s face right in the pizza slice as Goldie screams. Tanya leads her to the bathroom, scrubs Goldie’s face, and then drags her by her hair into the bedroom. She throws her on the bed, where one heck of a catfight breaks out. Tanya rides on Goldie’s shoulders, chokes her, and squeezes her middle with a violent scissor hold as Goldie cries for mercy. Tanya’s full nelson frees one of Goldie’s giant breasts, and then sweet looking Tanya punches Goldie in the stomach, applies a reverse headlock, and throws Goldie on the carpet.

Goldie has some brief luck after both sets of breasts are free from their coverings. She straddles Tanya on the bed, pulls Tanya’s top down to her waist, and ravages her belly with solid punches. Finding a vase near the bed, Tanya breaks it over Goldie’s head. Tanya now becomes a she-devil, mashing Goldie’s breasts, punching her soft stomach, and trying to pull out her hair. An arm stretch takes the life out of Goldie, and she is soon bound hand and foot with her screaming muffled by some red duct tape over her mouth. You’ll love the action in this sexy female wrestling catfight as you witness two real she-cats at their fierce female best.


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DVD: Cold Sweat
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