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Leigh DVD: Champion Boxing Vol. 1 Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: CVP-09 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Champion Boxing Vol. 1

Pam Manning Vs. Leigh * Julie "Pear Blossom" Vs. Pam Manning
2 Womens Boxing Matches
CVP-09 Approx. Run Time 45 min
The long-time amateur women’s boxing champion, Pam Manning, faces two challengers in this newest of fierce pugilistic programs to be put out by Champion Video Productions. Both non-stop matches go non-stop to decisive finishes!

In the first melee, blonde Pam Manning, outfitted in blue trunks, tries to tame newcomer Leigh, splendid in red shorts and gorgeous ebony tresses. Leigh is a gorgeous specimen, with taut body, strong legs, and a determination that shines from her tight set jaw and fiery eyes. She gives no quarter to the ring-wise champion, and stands toe-to-toe with Pam to sling it out. Leigh sends a looping right to Pam`s head, and the blonde is sent straight backwards on her rounded rump.

Enraged by the blow, Pam Manning retaliates by slamming Leigh`s unprotected belly again and again until the gorgeous brunette slumps to the floor. Rising, Leigh is meaner than ever, and again catches Pam with a mighty blow to the head. "Owwweh" groans Pam as she lies on the mat, struggling to regain her senses. Then the more experienced fighter rains blow after blow on the beauteous body of her dark haired rival. Again and again Pam pummels Lee with a series of well-placed blows. Leigh never gives up and takes the pain, only to follow it with her own attack on the cute blonde champion. Lee is unquestionably a future star of the women’s boxing ring! The fight ends with a complete knockout, the victim lying flat on her back after being punched unconscious by the victor. As the loser lies there in her unconscious state, the winner places her boot on the loser`s heaving stomach in a sign of victory.

The second women’s boxing match again finds Pam facing another newcomer to the ring, although this one is not quite as skilled. Brown-tressed Julie dons the gloves with white trunks and shirt to battle the champion, Pam Manning. Pam is ready for business and doesn`t want a repeat of bout number one. Wow, is she surprised! Julie puts her down twice in a row, and Pam must be thinking that this just was not her night. Then the champion shows her stuff and pummels Julie with a series of jabs, hooks, and haymakers. Down goes Julie, again and again--but she always gets up. Julie battles back and once more has Pam in trouble.

Then this non stop battle ends with a furious beating as one boxer pulverizes the other with savage hands. The loser lies on her stomach, raises a weary head, and blood streams from her left nostril. After viewing these two fights, you will understand why Champion Video presents the best amateur women’s boxing action ever! These fights are for real! 


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DVD: Champion Boxing Vol. 1
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