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Angelica DVD: Cat Brats Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-256 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Cat Brats

Angelica vs. Goldie * Darling vs. Vicky aka Jackie
Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
sk-256 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Steel Kittens brings you the best in topless amateur female wrestling! Shot with great close ups and intense action. In one corner is the sexy hot Goldie in a racy blue bikini, the other corner, is Angelica a competitive sultry brunette in a pink and white bikini. This topless female wrestling match is a tough one with hard fighting from beginning to end. Angelica is quick with reversing all that Goldie throws at her. An angry Goldie uses punches, suffocating breast smothering, everything she can to hold the competitive Angelica down. Angelica returns the favor with hard face slapping, knee kicks and killer ankle locks. Great action though out till one sexy amateur gets the upper hand and simply pounds her beautiful topless opponent till she is almost knocked out. Stunning!

Next we have the red haired statuesque beauty Jackie in a skimpy black bikini, up against the sexy blonde Darling in a light purple bikini. Right from the start these two amateur female wrestlers go at it with pressing body-to-body pins, wicked hair pulling and powerful head and leg scissors. The match intensifies as their tempers flair and their confidence builds. They fight pounding and bruising their beautiful bodies in pain till one exhausted sex pot is almost choked out, with no choice but to give, the winner raises her hands in victory. Two great topless amateur female wrestling matches you won’t want to miss.


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DVD: Cat Brats
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