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Christy T. DVD: Boxing Bombshells Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: SK-68 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Boxing Bombshells

Leigh vs. Christy T.
Women`s Boxing
SK-68 Approx. Run Time 30 min
In this women’s boxing match, Leigh, a renowned Steel Kittens wrestler, takes on Christy, an impressive blonde with huge firm breasts and flowing radiant hair. An intense and brutal performance takes shape almost immediately.

Round one begins with each female fury feeling out the other’s style. Leigh has the upper hand in this round as she spins Christy completely around with a savage haymaker and then lands a series of jabs that has the tall blonde confused and disoriented. Striking back, Christy backs Leigh into a corner. Leigh, surprised by the ambition and determination of this “screen queen,” decides a good lesson might be what’s missing from Christy’s resume.

Christy, the “new kid on the block,” doesn’t back down. The match continues with intense vigor, and Christy manages to offset her lack of skill with survival tactics as she enters into round 4.

Perhaps Leigh might reconsider and ponder the idea they might be on even terms? No way! This brunette is bent on destruction, and she drives her point home hard. Leigh floors the blonde, exhibiting a multitude of jabs that send Christy to the floor. Just as Leigh thinks the match is won, Christy rises and counters back! Hell busts loose when a left hook floors one of the women--and just as she stands, she is immediately knocked senseless. The beaten and vanquished looser is on her back as the winner stands triumphant on her stomach. A brilliant and fearless women’s boxing match between two fierce women!


Wrestlers : Christy T., Leigh
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DVD: Boxing Bombshells
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DVD Product: $24.95