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Goldie Female Wrestling | Bikini Top Tie Up | DVD Approx. Run Time 40 min.. Product #: sk-278 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Female Wrestling | Bikini Top Tie Up | DVD

Kelly vs. Goldie
Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
sk-278 Approx. Run Time 40 min
Kelly, a fiery red head in bikini, is in the ring stretching, getting ready for her work out with her boyfriend. Goldie, an arrogant prima donna shows up thinking that Kelly is just the make- up lady for her photo shoot. When Kelly finds out Goldie is meeting her boyfriend for a private modeling session, tensions rise. Goldie is not impressed with Kelly and lets her know what men want, showing off her ample bosoms. Kelly threatens to tie the prima donna up by her extra large bikini top.

Bring it on! Exposed! These busty babes go at it hard in this topless amateur female wrestling match. Kelly being much smaller than Goldie fights with all her might. Goldie is cocky and arrogant. Kelly manages to get a few moves in but Goldie just wears her down. Goldie finally gets Kelly in a suffocating choke hold, who tries intensely to escape, but Goldie then puts her in a wicked bear hug, and Kelly is limp. She falls to the ring floor, out cold. Goldie drags her around then taunts and stomps her bare breasts.

Goldie is now proud of herself and starts to do sexy posing, showing off her ample bare breasts, claiming she is the better woman. But Kelly shakes it off and charges an unsuspecting Goldie from behind, grabbing her crotch with all her strength. Goldie is screaming in pain. Kelly then drags Goldie to the corner and puts her in a tight sleeper hold. Goldie tries desperately to break free but Kelly won’t let go. Goldie is kicking and moaning till she finally falls still. Now Kelly is pleased and as promised ties Goldie’s ankles together with one bikini top and Goldie’s hands behind her back with the other. Kelly sits behind her and props her up, taunting her by grasping her huge soft breasts. Kelly poses in victory. The prima donna got what she deserved and Kelly is the better woman today!


Wrestlers : Goldie, Kelley
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Female Wrestling | Bikini Top Tie Up | DVD
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