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Kelley DVD: Bikini Meanies Approx. Run Time 54 min.. Product #: sk-261 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Bikini Meanies

Jackie aka Vicky vs. Chris * Kelly vs. Bill
Two Topless Amateur Mixed Wrestling Matches
sk-261 Approx. Run Time 54 min
If you like hot sexy red heads, you`ll love this topless amateur mixed wrestling tape from Steel Kittens. First we have the statuesque red head Jackie, in a stunning green bikini. This powerful and agile beauty uses all her womanhood, locking on squeezing holds, painful knee and elbow jabs. A topless Jackie glistening with sweat adds to Chris`s agony with stomps, throws, and chokes. Her final move is a painful figure 4 head scissors and Chris has no choice but to submit!

Next, the busty, long red haired and super fit Kelly, poses in the ring. Don’t let her small size fool you, at 5` 2" she is fast and truly a bikini meanie! With non-stop topless action, the ring sounds with the panting of excursion and moans of pain. Kelly`s long hair and fit body are dazzling. She is not afraid to use her large firm breasts as weapons! Bill is roughed up from pillar to post and can’t keep up with the racy and fiery Kelly. She adds to her meanness by punching poor Bill into submission!


Wrestlers : Kelley, Vicky "Jackie"
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DVD: Bikini Meanies
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