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Dominique "Danger Girl" Dominique “Danger Girl” & Sue Sexton vs. The Taliban Man | Download Approx. Run Time 32 min.. Product #: str_SK-190-1 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Dominique “Danger Girl” & Sue Sexton vs. The Taliban Man | Download

Pro Style - Karate - Mixed Wrestling
str_SK-190-1 Approx. Run Time 32 min
America is engaged in a war against terrorism; and as during past wars of the 20th Century, this country has tried to maintain a light hearted sense of humor amidst destruction--as evidenced by Bill Mauldin’s cartoons during WWII. With this in mind, we decided to bring you our attempt at comedy by bringing a member of the Taliban into the wrestling ring to unknowingly face two females in battle.

Taliban Man enters the ring after leaving his cave. Arriving at SK’s ring, he sees two figures wrapped in head to toe robes sitting on the mat. Screaming, “Where is my American opponent?” he then sees the two figures rise, disrobe, and appear wearing Stars & Stripes wrestling outfits. Staring in disbelief he shouts, “Put on your veils” as the two gals attack him. It’s Dominique’s turn first, and this Judo and Karate expert uses elbows, fists, and kicks (one violent one to the groin) to confuse and batter him. Then she drags him over to Red, White, and Blue Sue’s corner where she catapults him across the ring. Grinding his head with her boot as he lies on the mat, she forces wild screams from the flailing Taliban Man. Then she flips him time and again and uses his unraveled turban as a weapon as Dominique returns to her sadistic ways. Taliban Man spends most of his time crawling away from these violent women, begging for mercy. Sue bulldogs him back to ring center, hurls him to corner ring, and tries to ruin his manhood with brutal kicks. Both girls have another turn at revenge before they grab him by his ankles and wrists and hurl him across the ring four times. He lays face down upon the mat, completely destroyed, and the match closes with a very patriotic ending. And all this was done by two lowly women! Who knew professional women's wrestling could be such a credit to our country!


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Dominique “Danger Girl” & Sue Sexton vs. The Taliban Man | Download
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