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Cutie Suzuki | Women Wrestler

Cutie Suzuki

Wrestler Stats:
Cuty Suzuki was one of the top representatives of ladies’ professional wrestling during the golden age of the sport, and that she’s attained legend status in Japan. A phenomenal wrestler, technically better than just about anything the North American/European wrestling scene could produce over the years, and yes, that includes the men’s scene as well. Cuty Suzuki and Japanese lady wrestlers of her ilk have taken the sport to a whole new level of sports entertainment. Watching these Japanese Women Wrestlers preform it’s an experience second to none for the wrestling fan.
Her signature hold:  dubbed the Cutie Special, was the highly spectacular Bridging Fall-Away Slam.
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Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling WWO-27 - Clip 1
Japanese Women's Wrestling
1. Cuty Suzuki Final Road: Cuty Suzuki vs. Mayumi Ozaki 1998
2. Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue 1999