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Cleopatra Cleopatra vs. Goldie | Download Approx. Run Time 34 min.. Product #: str_SK-214-1 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Cleopatra vs. Goldie | Download

Female Wrestling Catfight, Nude
str_SK-214-1 Approx. Run Time 34 min
The hellacious catfight begins with Cleopatra waiting for Goldie to arrive so she can demand that Goldie stay away from her brother, calling her “A tramp that sleeps with anyone”. “ Yes, I slept with him, so what?” The argument turns into a violent catfight as Cleopatra grabs the back of Goldie’s dress. Goldie drapes Cleopatra over the chair, straddles and mashes her boobs, falling to the floor as Goldie tears Cleopatra’s top off. Cleopatra pushes Goldie to the chair and with heated words completely rips off Goldie’s bodysuit and undergarments, leaving the big-busted blonde completely nude.

Grabbing each other, the catfight rages on, rolling on the floor, Cleopatra tries to mount Goldie, she is easily thrown off. Goldie has the advantage, rips off Cleopatra’s top, both girls savagely twist each other’ tits as both shriek in horror and pain. After totally disrobing a squirming Cleopatra, Goldie loses control as Cleopatra mounts Goldie’s body, twisting her nipples and raining punches on her belly. Both girls want to win at all costs as Cleopatra grabs a handful of Goldie’s hair, Goldie comes back to further weaken Cleopatra with an upwards chin-lock along with a series of terrifying and punishing sexual holds. It’s body-to-body, tit-to-tit and belly-to-belly until a well-beaten loser is unable to continue against her violent foe. She lies on the carpet completely and utterly defeated. What a catfight!


Wrestlers : Cleopatra, Goldie
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Cleopatra vs. Goldie | Download
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