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Bad Black and Beautiful

Bad Black and Beautiful
Wrestler Stats:
Bad Black & Beautiful were the meanest tag team partners in the LPWA. Their historic matches with fan favorites Malia Hosaka and Bambi and Good guys Big Mo (Reggie Bennett) and Lil? Mo (Cheryl Rusa) were the best tag team matches in it's time. And lets not forget the grueling matches with Sexy Sindy Paradise and Sweet Georgia Brown.
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Vintage Women’s Wrestling VA-70-19 - Clip 1
Pro Wrestling Tag Team Matches
1. Miss Linda, Sindy Paradise vs. Bad, Black, & Beautiful
2. Bad, Black & Beautiful vs. Miss Linda and Tina Moretti

Vintage Women’s Wrestling VA-70-20 - Clip 1
Tag Team Matches, Pro Girl Matches
1. Tina Moretti, Sinday Paradise vs. Bad, Black and Beautiful
2. Judy Martin vs. Tina Moretti