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Baby Face Nellie

Baby Face Nellie
Wrestler Stats:
Her real name Jennifer Dratch, Babyface Nellie is another professional lady wrestler whose in-ring exploits and character seem to have been largely forgotten about by the wrestling community – quite undeservedly so. While she wasn’t exactly a main-eventer in the bigger leagues she wrestled for, she was one of the prominent figures of the Golden Age of women’s professional wrestling, she was indeed one of the most unique color-patches in an era not devoid of extremely colorful characters.
Always ready to cut a mean promo, Nellie always brought her best in the ring, although most of the time her best was obviously not enough against opponents like Tina Moretti, Bambi or Olympia Hartauer.
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Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-12 - Clip 1
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Vintage Women’s Wrestling VA-70-23 - Clip 1
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