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Ariel Ariel vs. Mutiny | Download Approx. Run Time 21 min.. Product #: str_sk-317-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Ariel vs. Mutiny | Download

Women’s Wrestling – Pro Style Domination
str_sk-317-01 Approx. Run Time 21 min
Sexy Ariel in a silver bikini meets the masked Mutiny in this women’s wrestling match. Mutiny is all about showing her superior ring knowledge and quickly teaches Ariel what an evil pro can do. Mutiny gouges the beauties eyes right from the start! Then has Ariel over the top rope in a neck breaker followed by a few painful arm slams! Ariel is clearly in pain and Mutiny loves to dish it out! But Ariel is full of fight and gets in a few holds of her own. However she is no match for the experienced pro. Mutiny retaliates with a pile driver and a painful figure four leg lock. Mutiny is enjoying her domination of the sexy girl with back breakers, camel clutches, and some awesome humiliating holds. Ariel is scrambling in pain. Then more body slams, belly punches, leg locks and stomps. Ariel valiantly fights back with her speed, but the pro meets her every move. Mutiny punishes her opponent with airplane spins, rendering her almost unconscious. A standing backbreaker, hard slams to the mat, and several body slams, the evil pro finishes her off with a knock out pile driver! Mutiny has once again claimed her place in the pecking order and has rid herself of yet another sexy women wrestler!


Wrestlers : Ariel, Mutiny
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Ariel vs. Mutiny | Download
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