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Alysha Alysha vs Hollywood | Download Approx. Run Time 33 min.. Product #: str_SK-120-01 Regular price: $14.95 $14.95

Alysha vs Hollywood | Download

Female Wrestling Catfights
str_SK-120-01 Approx. Run Time 33 min
Our camera catches the gorgeous blonde Hollywood, attired in a white tee, black shorts, and CFM black pumps, lounging on the mat caressing her long, beautiful, and limber legs. She remarks that her friend Clive says she has the most gorgeous limbs in the mat world. She can’t wait for her opponent Alysha to arrive for a female wrestling catfight to determine who really has not only the best-formed lower limbs, but also the strongest. Alysha soon arrives in her French cut suit, also boasting that Clive thinks she has the most gorgeous limbs.

Both Hollywood and Alysha strip to a teeny bra and panties, and soon both sets of legs are up and doing battle. In this battle the scissors holds are also mixed with breast mauling and savage hair pulling. Piercing screams of despair fill the ring as first one leggy she-cat and then the other gets the upper leg. The female wrestling catfight goes on with one set of legs seeming stronger and then the other set making a dramatic comeback. In the end, one warrior submits and leaves the room while the winner caresses her victorious but bruised legs.


Wrestlers : Alysha, Hollywood
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Alysha vs Hollywood | Download
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