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Liz Lightspeed Tanya vs. Liz | Strip Off | Female Wrestling | Download Strip Off Match | Female Wrestling.. Product #: str_sk-412-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Tanya vs. Liz | Strip Off | Female Wrestling | Download

Female Wrestling | Topless
Liz Vs. Tanya
str_sk-412-01  Approx: 38 mins
This female wrestling match has the beautiful Tanya posing in the ring in a bikini. Tanya thinks she can take on the skills of Liz, who is a fit and nimble athlete. Liz asks Tanya what dance skills she has and is not impressed, so they challenge each other to a strip off wrestling match. The looser of each fall looses a piece of clothing.
They add some outfits, Tanya in a sexy red stripper dress and Liz in a thong back on piece and skirt. The wrestling match starts with Liz quickly pinning Tanya in a painful boston crab and she is soon pinned by a tight head scissors and losses the fall. Off with the red stripper dress! But Tanya is just getting warmed up and in the next fall catches Liz in a rear naked choke. Liz looses her skirt. Tanya threatens Liz, “Your gonna be naked when I’m done with you”!
The next fall, Liz gets Tanya to give and off comes Tanya’s bikini top, exposing her bountiful breasts. The next fall Liz catches Tanya in an angles wing, this painful airborne pin has Tanya in writhing in pain. Liz follows it up with a banana split. Tanya looses the fall and off comes her bikini bottoms. She is in a G-string now. Liz is proud to line up her trophy’s she is collecting from Tanya on the ring ropes!
The next fall has the topless Tanya in a reverse head lock followed by a bear hug then a standing back breaker, but Tanya’s not giving up and gets Liz to give! Domino’s splits, body scissors and soon Liz looses and her top comes off and is now only in a string bikini bottom.
Liz is angry now and resorts to naked breast punching Tanya. Tanya repays with some vicious crotch punching. The two topless wrestling women fight on till one beauty is caught in a figure four head scissor and is down on the mat unable to continue. The victor poses over her stripped opponent. Who’s the superior fighter now...!


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Tanya vs. Liz | Strip Off | Female Wrestling | Download
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