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Fire Fire vs. Raquel | Download Approx. Run Time 27 min.. Product #: str_SK-288-02 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Fire vs. Raquel | Download

Women Wrestling | Pro - Style
str_SK-288-02 Approx. Run Time 27 min
Fire is out for her revenge, as in her last match she was cheated out of her win and her chances for the Belt. Her opponent is an arrogant Raquel. Both women are hot for the first pin. Fire is clearly in control but the Reff, once again is slow to act on Fires behalf giving Raquel the advantage. Raquel works over her larger opponent and the Reff counts Fire out way to quickly. Tempers flair, and Fire rushes in to punish Raquel. Fire defiantly has the pin but the Reff won’t count it. Going for the pin again, an enraged Fire just destroys Raquel. A standing back breaker to over the knee has Raquel reeling in pain. A running bull dog to a brutal camel clutch has Raquel submitting, but Fire has other plans. Raquel is now taking the beating of her life!
Fire, in full assault mode, delivers crushing leg scissors. Raquel bites Fire to get free. Big mistake, Fire has had enough and brutally kicks Raquel in the face knocking her out cold. With out hesitation, Fire clotheslines the Reff flat! She drags Raquel to the turnbuckle, displaying her totally beaten opponent and claims “I’m the Grand winner, Every Time! Every Match!” She certainly was today!


Wrestlers : Fire, Onyx, Raquel
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Fire vs. Raquel | Download
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