Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Ebony Princess Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess | Download Approx. Run Time 24 min.. Product #: str_sk-200-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess | Download

Professional Women`s Wrestling
str_sk-200-01 Approx. Run Time 24 min
The stunning Ebony Princess challenges the pro woman wrestler Irish Molly McShane in a professional women`s wrestling battle. The bell rings, and a furious Molly grabs Ebony in a wristlock, pulls her hair, and Ebony is quickly on her back in mid-ring. Ebony retaliates and pays Molly back! Molly then crushes Ebony with a neck scissors, punishes her in the corners, and shoulder slams the tiny gladiatrix. Ebony turns the tables, and gives Molly a dose of her own medicine. Ebony catches her in a fireman’s carry, which Ebony reverses, dropping Molly to the mat where she applies a roll-up pin. Molly is furious, attacks Ebony’s belly again, and kicks her from the ring. As Ebony re-enters, Molly keeps body slamming her until the ref counts her out for two straight falls--not an easy victory for the redhead in this pro women`s wrestling match.


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Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess | Download
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