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Mai Lei Owen vs. Mai Lei Pt.1 | Download Approx. Run Time 20 min.. Product #: str_sk-342-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Owen vs. Mai Lei Pt.1 | Download

Topless Mixed Wrestling
str_sk-342-01 Approx. Run Time 20 min
This topless mixed wrestling match features a determined and focused exotic beauty, Mai Lei. She is a 5’4” dynamo who is experienced in jiu jitsu and loves a good mixed wrestling session. Her male opponent is no slouch and this starts off as a friendly yet competitive challenge for both opponents. Rear naked chokes, guillotines, head and body scissors, arm bars, triangles, chops and claws! Mai Lei has him pinned to the floor with her strong and beautiful legs, she belly punches his prone body and he is forced to tap out. She doesn't give him much breathing room, and quickly has him in a reverse head scissor and pounds on his exposed feet, asserting her feminine dominance. She soon has him in a pretzel hold and breast smothers the man. He rallies back and gets her in a rear naked choke, and she is forced to tap. Yet, she keeps the pressure on and continues to force him to endure her painful arm bars, tight head and body scissors. She uses her feet to apply pressure on his neck and face. She uses her breast to smoother him, she kicks his groin and punches his belly as he is held down by a reverse face sit. She keeps adding the pain with submission tactics that have him in real trouble.

She is enjoying her dominance over the man, but then he gets her in a wicked choke hold. She is trapped, but cunningly uses her cheat tactics to drive home that she will be the dominate one in this mixed wrestling session. Then she is trapped again in a bear hug and then in another choke! You’d think she would have to tap out but she finds his weakness and quickly has him in a crucifix which forces him to tap out. She is really asserting her dominance now and with all her feminine assets, she presses, smothers and pins her male opponent. Long face sits and bending erotic submissions and he is now under her spell. This beautiful exotic woman works him over and he is finally completely submitted by another face sit. She places her foot on his face and neck posing in pleasurable victory!

Filled with great wrestling submissions, you’ll certainly enjoy the erotic ending of this topless mixed wrestling match.


Wrestlers : Mai Lei
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Owen vs. Mai Lei Pt.1 | Download
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