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Leilani Kai Japanese Women's Wrestling | DVD 4 Tag Teams - 6 Pro Girl Matches Japanese Professional Women`s Wrestling DVD | WWO-11 Approx. Ru.. Product #: WWO-11 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-11 | DVD

4 Tag Teams & 6 Pro Girl Japanese Professional Women`s Wrestling Matches
DVD | WWO-11 Approx. Run Time 120 min

1. Mami Kumano & Yki Ikeshita & LeLani Kai vs. Mimi Hagiwara & Jackie Sato & Rimi Yokota
2. Mimi Hagiwara Vs Rimi Yokota
3. Devil Masami Vs Yuki Ikeshita
4. Jacki Sato Vs Mami Kumano
5. Mimi Hagiwara Vs Chino Sato
6. Rimi Yokota & Ayumi Hori Vs Yuki Ikeshita & Wendy Richter
7. Jacki Sato Vs LeLani Kai
8. Mami Kumano & Tenjin Masami Vs Rucy Kayama & Nancy Kumi
9. Mimi Hagiwara Vs Yuki Ikeshita
10. Nancy Kumi & Ayumi Hori Vs N. Kumano & Tenjin Masami
This collection showcases Mimi Hagiwara of “All the Marbles” fame. Watch her in intense bouts against Rimi Yokota, Yuki Ikeshita, Chino Sato, and in a no holds barred tag team match paired with the legendary Jacki Sato. This is Japanese professional women`s wrestling at its best! Other matches feature American women`s wrestling stars Wendy Richter and the magnificent LeLani Kai.


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Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-11 | DVD
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