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DD Get Shorty | DD Vs. Katrina | Belly Punching | Download Female Wrestling, Fantasy, Fetish, Belly Punching.. Product #: str_sk-405-02 Regular price: $14.90 $14.90

Get Shorty | DD Vs. Katrina | Belly Punching | Download

Get Shorty
DD vs. Katrina
Wrestling, Fantasy, Fetish, Belly Punching, 1/2 Topless
str_sk-405-02  Approx Run Time: 15 mins 
Both new comers, short and tiny DD is up against the tall Amazon Katrina. DD is all smiles till Katrina eggs her on with Belly punches, DD tires some kicks but can land none. DD trips Katrina to the mat but Katrina is too big for DD and she pins DD reigning down belly punches to the tiring amateur. Try as she might, DD is no match for the big Amazon who is just toying with the tiny DD. Everything that DD troughs at Katrina just gets brushed off. The humiliation submission comes where one victim’s mouth is stuffed with the naked breast of the other while pinned and held down unable to move.


Wrestlers : DD
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Get Shorty | DD Vs. Katrina | Belly Punching | Download
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