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Vye Vacious Gavin vs. Vye Vacious Pt. 1 | Download Approx. Run Time 18 min.. Product #: str_sk-346-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Gavin vs. Vye Vacious Pt. 1 | Download

Topless Mixed Wrestling
str_sk-346-01 Approx. Run Time 18 min
The beautiful and tall Vye Vacious is featured in this topless mixed wrestling session. Standing at 5’11”, she is the undisputed queen of creative and body bending holds. Her male opponent is ready. They feel each other out and warm up with a friendly arm wrestling test. Then body to body wrestling commences and they quickly engage. Vye Vacious, using her tremendous leverage, and long, strong and beautiful legs, has Gavin sprawled out, spread eagle and pinned in no time, locking him down from his head to his toes. She lets him up, but only to ensnare again in a reverse head scissors. He is amazed at the tall woman’s wrestling abilities that have him stretched and pinned over and over.

Vye Vacious loves giving a good beat down and Gavin just happens to be the recipient of a serious butt whooping today. Witness this tall topless woman skillfully use her legs, butt, breasts and entire body to pretzel this guy up in holds to intricate to describe. She then uses her large love guns as weapons and face smothers the panting male. You’ll be amazed at how her long supple legs wrap tightly around his body in breath taking scissor holds. Vye Vacious always combines her holds, picks up any loose ends and renders her opponents powerless.

Her dominate personality soon rears its head and she gets serious and bullies poor Gavin. Humiliating him with verbal tauntings and face sittings. Reverse head scissors and a spanking by the topless Amazon have Gavin exhausted. She toys with him by kicking him and teasing him with her succulent breasts. She asserts her dominance further by variations of face sittings. She holds him down just short of him passing out, then she lets him up to catch his breath only to smother him again with her ass and thighs. She wickedly smiles with the results and he is no longer able to continue. This male opponent is out of gas and lays motionless on the mat.

Vye Vacious has once again demonstrated her dominance, using her uniquely creative holds and feminine assets to over power her male opponents. Viva Vye Vacious! You’ll love this tall and exciting woman in mixed wrestling action!


Wrestlers : Vye Vacious
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Gavin vs. Vye Vacious Pt. 1 | Download
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