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Ella Waldek | Vintage Wrestling Glamour Girls

Ella Waldek
Vintage Wrestling Glamour Girls Wrestler Stats:
Another great female wrestler to come from the 1950s boom was Ella Waldek.
An extremely great athlete hailing from Washington, this powerful blonde seemed to have Nell Stewart's number. Ella, one of the best fast pitch softball pitchers ever, worked out daily in the gym and strengthened her physique to awesome levels that placed her in a feared position every time she entered the professional womens wrestling ring.
Trained by the Fabulous Moolah, it wasn't long before she held multiple titles including the NWA Florida Women's championship and NWA Tag Team championship.

However, despite her many accomplishments, she became despised by many fans over her part in the accidental death of Janet Boyer Wolfe.
During a match with her, Waldek body slammed Wolfe, prompting her to roll to the out of the ring before collapsing. She died shortly afterwards.
As no cause of death could originally be established, Waldek, along with the other competitors in the ring at the time, were arrested and held on suspicion of manslaughter.
Despite being found innocent, she was soon given the moniker of 'Murderer' by the fans who felt that she had intentionally killed Wolfe.

This tag would follow her throughout her career until she retired in 1971 from several nagging injuries that were preventing her from performing safely.

Her prowess and skill made her one of the most difficult opponents for wrestlers to prepare for. It also gained her the respect of many of her peers who regarded her as one of the greatest technical wrestlers of the 1950s.
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