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Quisha DVD: Wrestling In The Rain Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: SK-47 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Wrestling In The Rain

Quisha vs Scott * Shelly vs Darron
2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless
SK-47 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Who says it never rains in Southern California? Well, it does, and it couldn`t stop our die-hard fighters in this exciting outdoor mixed wrestling competition. First to grace our mat--wearing next to nothing--is the bodacious Quisha. Her challenger, Scott, is no stranger to the wrestling world. Quisha is game for just about anything, and the action pours on strong as vicious knee blows, punches, scissors and wild flips keep you on the edge of your seat. Soon enough, one opponent quickly takes the upper hand brutalizing his near naked and tiring opponent with suplexes, airplane spins, and nasty back and arm breaks. "Slippery When Wet" takes on a whole new meaning as Quisha`s wet and silky body gets mauled and twisted. How long will Scott enjoy his power? The victim submits to a bone-breaking chicken wing and is left helpless and face down in the pouring rain!

Our next mixed wrestling challenger is fresh off the farm. Darron, a strong country boy, tries his hand at wrestling the one and only Burbank Bomber (Shelly). On a rain soaked mat, our city girl shows this farm boy that it is easier to wrestle cattle than an experienced ring veteran. Shelly totally dominates her opponent like a Black Widow with deadly head scissors, head locks, face sitting, and breast smothering. Darron is not only overwhelmed by this large breasted topless vixen, but also is unable to balance himself on the slippery mat. The sun peeks out in the end--but not for the defeated, who is forced to submit by way of a suffocating face sitting session. Two powerful wet and wild coed wrestling matches from Steel Kittens!


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DVD: Wrestling In The Rain
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