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Frankie DVD: True Intent Approx. Run Time 46 min.. Product #: sk-270 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: True Intent

Frankie vs. Valentina
Professional Women`s Wrestling
sk-270 Approx. Run Time 46 min
This match pits the sex pistol blonde, Valentina against the gorgeous brunette tough girl, Frankie. Frankie just annulated her opponent in her previous match and is very confident. Valentina has been training hard and is ready for action.

Frankie stalks Valentina, they exchange holds. Frankie’s tactic is to let Valentina wear herself out so she lets her work. Engaging in some mat reversals, a clothesline gives Frankie the upper hand, Frankie soon gets Valentina in a rear head lock and smashes her face first to the mat. But Valentina has some new skills and surprises Frankie, trapping Frankie in the corner with hard kicks to the stomach, then damages Frankie’s knee in the ropes. Valentina traps Frankie in a brutal head scissor cross and then a painful figure four, but Frankie reverses it and has Valentina screaming in pain.

Valentina rakes Frankie’s eyes, stunning the sexy brunette. Valentina works Frankie’s arm hard and now Frankie is crying out in pain, but escapes by biting Valentina. Valentina finds herself in a painful standing back breaker. Valentina is tough, and reverses to a mean Boston crab, then resorts to some nasty tricks, and in a camel clutch rakes Frankie’s face hard. Elbow and leg drops, hair mars and surfboards. Valentina is out for the win!

Now an over confident Valentina is caught off guard and is almost choked out, but Frankie says” I’m not done with you yet.” Her tactic of letting Valentina wear herself down has worked and Frankie soon has Valentina in the ropes, then the top turnbuckle leaving Valentina hanging upside down. Frankie just squashes her opponent. Valentina does all she can do to escape but Frankie keeps dragging her back in the fray. A bulldog finally has Valentina almost unconscious, she is totally exhausted and totally defeated on the ring floor.


Wrestlers : Frankie, Valentina
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DVD: True Intent
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