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Aereon DVD: The Wrecking Crew Approx. Run Time 55 min.. Product #: SK-156 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: The Wrecking Crew

Aereon vs. Mike * Candi vs. Tony
2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless
SK-156 Approx. Run Time 55 min
Two male newcomers to the Steel Kittens ring face two beautiful mean females in these great mixed wrestling matches. First we see the most beautiful black girl in wrestling challenging Mike. Arreyon enters the ring wearing a gold bikini that accentuates her trim shapely body and classic face. She smashes Mike with a pile driver and has him howling with a standing head scissors. Learning quickly from her coach, Arreyon stomps Mike, hurls him to the ropes, and meets his hurtling body on the return with a savage arm to the chest. Baring her beauty for the camera, Arryeon rips off her bra and proceeds to batter Mike from post to post. Flat on the canvas, Mike is stomped and his face is smothered between two gorgeous breasts. He is finished in the corner where, arms dangling helplessly, he falls into dreamland as his gorgeous opponent poses her body beautiful for all to see.

In our next coed wrestling match mean Candi, with blonde hair and a nasty temper, mauls Tony relentlessly in a match of complete female domination. Tony is stomped, choked, breast-smothered, and body slammed into a helpless state, as Candi then face-sits her grunting foe. After attacking the male’s crotch, Candi ties him in the corner upside down and rains feet and fists into his stomach. A terrifying sleeper hold ends Tony’s horror as a now topless Candi rubs her breasts into an unconscious opponent. The wrecking crew has arrived!


Wrestlers : Aereon, Candi
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DVD: The Wrecking Crew
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