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Jen DVD: Slam Jen | Pro Style Women's Wrestling Appox. Run Time 38 mins.. Product #: SK-407 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Slam Jen | Pro Style Women's Wrestling

Jen Vs. Desi
Pro Style Women’s Wrestling
3 Falls
SK-407  Approx: 38 mins
Desi, is a tall beautiful gal, and has many ring skills. She is the new kid on the block and wants to knock Jen off her pedestal. Jen, a total veteran of pro wrestling, trash talks Desi, and the challenge starts with a test of strengths. Neither of the strong women gets the upper hand, and soon arm holds are exchanged till one wrestler is tosses hard to the mat. Swift kicks and stomps and it’s Desi who has Jen cranked in a camel clutch.
In the turnbuckle, and Jen is pulverized by Desi’s long strong legs, and is slammed hard to the mat again. An eye rake reverses the scene and it’s a suplex to Desi. Jen cranks on the squeeze! Jen wants Desi to kiss the mat! Desi might be pinned, but soon reverses to a cranking chicken wing on Jen. Elbow drops, to a painful standing figure four leg twist. Ouch! Jen gets a roll up by the 1st fall and wins. The 2nd fall, Jen can’t escape Desi's strong leg kicks and stomps and is soon pinned with a leg stretching banana split. But veteran Jen keeps coming, only to get assaulted by Desi with leg drops, boston crabs and more..
Hard body splashes in the turnbuckle, stomach kicks and a hard crotch kick, Desi then has Jen choking in the ropes! But Jen sneaks in with a hard neck breaker on Desi, stunning her. Jen knee slams Desi’s crotch and back, followed by a back wrenching surfboard. Jen continues to dish out the pain on Desi, but she won’t give in. Choking, elbow smashes, punches and painful submission holds and Desi is trapped in the turnbuckle with Jen standing on her. Elbow slams to the head and a body slam and it’s clear that Desi was beaten by the pro this fall.
One more fall to go to determine the winner and who will be on the pedestal. Shoulder slams start the round followed by arm drags all over the ring. Some ground and pound, eye rakes, strong leg kicks, leg cranks till one wrestler is pinned in the turnbuckle and repeatedly head punched. It’s an over the shoulder carry, and one woman is slammed hard to the mat. Body slams, elbow drops and more keep coming….
Who’s winning this brutal pro match between two strong willful ladies? Neither one will give up, and fight hard till one fearless fem fatal is caught in a pile driver, and she is slammed hard, head first to the mat! Now it’s crystal clear who the winner is!


Wrestlers : Jen, Desi: Woman Wrestler
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DVD: Slam Jen | Pro Style Women's Wrestling
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