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Kimberly Jane DVD: Skin Tight Approx. Run Time 32 min.. Product #: sk-363 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Skin Tight

Santana vs. Kimberly Jane
Topless Female Domination Wrestling
sk-363 Approx. Run Time 32 min
If you love topless female domination wrestling, you’re in for a real treat! The empress Santana disrobes to reveal her superior attitude. Kimberly Jane thinks she has it going on and can deliver some punishment to the sexy long dark haired vixen. Kimberly soon finds out that the empress is not some one to toy with. Kimberly fights like hell to get out of Santana’s experience and confidence as she smashes the beautiful woman hard into the mat with submission holds, turnbuckle torture, hair pulling, kicks, punches and more which leave the sexy and beautiful Kimberly Jane crying for mercy. Santana has no regard for the beautiful brunette as she unleashes a brutal punishment to Kimberly. Fight back as she might, Santana dishes out more punishment and humiliation for the fearful woman. The topless torture continues with wedgies, taunting, spanking, kicking, face sitting and more humiliation from the empress Santana. Using pressure points and debilitating holds this superior vixen has full control. Kimberly Jane has no option but to submit to her taunting, humiliation, pain and punishment!


Wrestlers : Kimberly Jane, Santana
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DVD: Skin Tight
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